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Joker Update #3



It’s been a few weeks since Joker went to Purdue. We’ve been working closely with Joker’s doctors and it’s exciting to say that after a few doses of chemotherapy, Joker is responding well. While we are still taking each day as it comes, it’s a relief that Joker is responsive to the therapy at this point.

Aside from the medical concerns, Joker and Scarlette are both enjoying the winter in the Fox Den at Wolf Park. We continue to watch the animals daily and Joker is still engaging in training and enrichment with the staff and volunteers. One of his favorite things is to play with, carry around, and dissect objects (i.e., balls, boxes), and it’s thrilling to see that energy is still around.

The outpouring of support we’ve received from you has been incredible, thank you. Besides what we have received from donors, Purdue University has also offset the cost of some of the procedures with teaching funds. We will continue to keep you informed about Joker’s progress.

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