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50 Years of Wolf Park

This year we celebrate 50 years of inspiring generations of compassionate wildlife conservationists! Keep checking this page for ways to celebrate Wolf Park throughout the year.



Since 1972, Wolf Park has been dedicated to behavioral research, education, and conservation in order to improve the public’s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to our environment. Kicking off on our founding day, April 20, 2022 we spent the year celebrating our past achievements and preparing for another 50 years of working to Save Wolves, Save Wilderness!

Check in often for program announcements, event invitations, and ways you can support the future of Wolf Park. Thank you for supporting us through the years and being a part of our Pack!


As our next chapter begins, so do the new adventures for Wolf Park! Today, we ask our supporters to help us realize our goals. Your generous donations will support:

  • Welcoming Wolf Puppies to the Pack
    • Staffing, supplies, and medical expenses are the biggest challenges — and the most expensive
  • Revamping Ambassador Animal Enclosures
    • A solid future plan for our facilities is essential.
  • Growing Educational Experiences
  • Building Next Generation Wildlife Advocate Programs
    • Our future depends on the Next Generation to carry on our mission.
  • Upgrading the Intern Residence 
    • The Intern Residential home needs some TLC.

Our donors have always been essential to the success of Wolf Park and have allowed us to become the renowned organization we are today. Please support Wolf Park to ensure our future successes and continued commitment to Save Wolves, Save Wilderness.

Please click the donate button below- thank you!

Karah Rawlings
Executive Director


There are so many stories and photos from our first 50 years. We know you have some and we’d love to see them. Share your favorite Wolf Park memories on our Kudoboard.