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You will see that Wolf Park is advertising a job opening – my job of Head Animal Curator.  I am not leaving the park, but I can’t help noticing that I seem to be getting older. Though this is much better than the alternative, I need to plan for a successor.  I will be working with whoever is hired because some on-the-job learning is necessary, so I will not be handing over the reins immediately.

When that day does come I still will NOT leave the park. I will continue to help with animal care, seminars, tours, Howl Nights, etc. as long as I am physically able. When I can no longer do that I have left instructions to prop me in a corner and I will tell stories to visitors, interns, and volunteers.

Pat Goodmann
Head Animal Curator

Pat Goodmann



Overall, the Wolf Park Head Curator will manage and implement a system that:

  • Ensures a high level of animal care and welfare.
  • Educates visitors, staff, and volunteers about the species at Wolf Park.
  • Implements conservation practices and messages into scope of work.
  • Reflects current trends and practices in the zoological field.

Animal Care

  • Creates a comprehensive animal care plan for the species at Wolf Park and ensures proper care is given and documented and in compliance with all applicable standards.
  • Maintains exhibits.
  • Works with Curator Team to create and manage behavioral conditioning and enrichment plans.
  • Oversees clearances/ back-ups.
  • Reviews, creates, maintains and provides oversight for policies, procedures, and protocols related to animal care and handling.


  • Works with program staff to implement and present on-site programs such as tours, seminars, handling demonstrations, and other specialized presentations.
  • Presents off-site programs when needed.
  • Reviews park signage and publications for accuracy.
  • Writes blog posts, social media posts, and newsletter articles.


  • Works with outside researchers as needed based on the project.
  • May be involved in on-site research and writing for publications and articles.


  • Works with the Executive Director on an annual budget.
  • Provides training to interns, volunteers, and keepers on animal care and education programs.
  • Evaluates supervised individuals, including Animal Care volunteers, regularly.


  • Conducts initial SWOT Analysis of current Animal Care practices.
  • Develops an on-going system of oversight to Animal Care programs.
  • Works with Executive Director to assess Animal Care staffing plans and create an Animal Care organizational chart and division of duties.
  • Creates quality assurance plans for Animal Care operations.
  • Works with Executive Director to create strategic plans for:
    • Capital improvements related to animal care (i.e. enclosures)
    • Accreditation
    • Animal/ species procurement

Experience: Bachelor’s degree preferred. Experience with free contact of captive large carnivores required. Experience with positive reinforcement, science-based training methods, and applied behavior analysis. Strong writing and public speaking skills necessary.

Salary: $52,000-55,000 plus benefits
To apply: Email cover letter, resume, and at least three references to ​[email protected]

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