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Wolf Park’s Visitor Center is open during the following hours:

Sunday – Friday: 9:30am – 2:30pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 9pm

During these times, you can shop, make a program reservation, and purchase memberships and sponsorships. Please note: our tours and programs often sell out in advance and availabilities vary. To ensure you can take a tour on the day you plan to visit, reserve your tickets before you arrive. We cannot guarantee you will be able to tour the park without a reservation.


Guests over the age of 2 are required to wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose at the following times:
* Inside any buildings
* On the bleachers during Howl Night
* While on guided tours, such as Follow the Pack, Feeding Specialty Tour, etc
At other times, such as during self-guided tours or while you wait for your tour to start, you may remove your mask outside as long as your party is social distancing from others by at least 6 feet.


We cannot guarantee the visibility of some, or all, of our animal ambassadors during our programs. Our ambassadors have large, natural habitat enclosures and have the choice to move or rest out of sight from the tour path. If you are not local, we recommend signing up for multiple programs during your trip to allow more opportunities to view our ambassadors. If you are local, we encourage you to come throughout the year on a variety of programs to see our ambassadors change throughout the seasons and to continue learning more about our species, how we care for them, and how to help conserve and coexist with their wild counterparts.


Click here to check out our Tours and Events page, with full descriptions of our programs. You may also look through the program calendar below. Please note: our tours and programs often sell out in advance and availabilities vary. Please reserve your tickets before you arrive