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#ProtectGreaterLafayette Pledge

covid 19 cleaning


Wolf Park took the pledge to #ProtectGreaterLafayette by ensuring all applicable checklist items from Tippecanoe County Health Department have been taken.

We also derive inspiration from our bison, who can jump 6ft vertically. Now, for a 2,000 lb animal, that’s some notable social distancing from Mother Earth!

Check out a few of our prominent checklist items here:

  • When visiting Wolf Park, we require facemasks and social distancing for staff and guests alike.
  • We have signage all around to encourage proper practices such as how to distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands.
  • In addition to a fully stocked bathroom, hand sanitizer dispensers are available in all main public areas.
  • We are encouraging guests to use cards over cash in addition to offering curbside pick up for gift shop items.
  • Our non-essential buildings have been closed to the public while plexi glass has been installed in essential buildings.
  • Our tours and other programs have been limited in admission to ensure social distancing.
  • Our gift shop has been temporarily remodeled to promote airflow, minimize touching things, and direct “traffic” in a way that limits exposure.
  • Our staff is cleaning and sanitizing our facility, both public and staff only areas, daily.
  • Although not seen by the public, our staff is minimizing time onsite by working remotely and meeting virtually.
  • Time on site is staggered to minimize exposure.

If you too would like to take the pledge to protect #GreaterLafayetteInd, visit

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