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Wolf Park is an education, conservation, and research facility located in Battle Ground, Indiana. Since 1972, we have studied wolves and other wild canids to learn more about their behavior and assist researchers in the wild. Each year, we teach thousands of visitors about the importance of predators in the ecosystem. We assist researchers around the world with studies of subjects including cognition, behavior, and comparative studies between wild and captive animals.


Our Twilight Tour starts tonight at 7pm!

This self-guided tour is only $5/person and allows you to see all our species at a time of day where they are more active. Reserve your tickets on our website, linked in bio.

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We're unveiling a new tour: Twilight Tour!

This self-guided tour will be available at 7pm on Wednesdays. For only $5, you are welcome to walk the park's trail at your own pace. This is a perfect time to watch the animals as they tend to be more active around dusk.

Reserve your tickets on our website linked in bio.
*Members are free and do not need reservations.
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It's National Hot Dog Day. Did you know we use hot dogs as treats and to help administer medication? Kanti and Fiona definitely enjoy their treats as you can see their attention is quite focused.

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All species are enjoying their watermelons! Rain or shine, join Wolf Park for the Watermelon Party! Tickets linked in bio

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Wotan, currently the oldest wolf at the park, has a big juicy watermelon waiting for him this year in just a few hours. Visit us today and tomorrow for the Watermelon Party!

Tickets in bio

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Watermelons are a tasty summer treat for all species. Join us this weekend on Saturday AND Sunday for the Watermelon Party. Tickets in advance are required. Learn more and get yours linked in bio.

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It is a great place!

I went to Wolf Park with a group of 32 and the staff was very friendly with accommodating us. It is a great place for group or family visits, try to go for the whole 3 hours on the days they have events going on. There are many wolves, foxes, and bison that you can see.

– Ilakkiya V. | Google Reviews
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Nature at its Best

This is a wonderful alternative to animal watching. The park's involvement with wolves is to be admired. Personnel are knowledgeable and the wolves are so very special. Our grandchildren love this place. The night programs are especially fun!

– Elaine M. | Tripadvisor
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Great Experience!

Great experience to bring the family to. The guide was super knowledgeable and made the whole experience allot of fun. We got to give ice treats to the pups and everyone had a good experience and learned about wolves and foxes.

– Jeramy M. | Google Reviews
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Amazing, Educational and Beautiful

A group of us visited in the afternoon for the tour, then came back in the evening for the howl. Highly recommend doing both, as the information and experiences are different and both are amazing. The social behavior of the wolves is complicated and deserves the study this facility is doing. The social attitude of people towards wolves (usually negative) would change if they understood all the wolves contribute to the ecosystem.

– Holly S. | Tripadvisor