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Save Wolves, Save Wilderness

Everything we do at Wolf Park is centered around helping the wild counterparts of our ambassador animals. You can become an wildlife advocate and help us realize our vision of "Save Wolves, Save Wilderness".

Wolf Park supports federal, state, and local policies that: 

  • Promote healthy wildlife habitats.
  • Encourage biodiversity
  • Recognize the value of wild wolves to an ecosystem.
  • Rely on scientific evidence to support wildlife population management.
  • Promote non-lethal coexistence efforts.

Wolf Park’s Re-Listing Statement

After losing federal protections under the Endangered Species Act in January 2021, hundreds of wolves have been killed in states using unscientific quota systems and hunting methods. To “Save Wolves, Save Wilderness”, we support relisting wolves to the Endangered Species Act at the federal level and engaging in science-based conservation practices at the state level.

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Protect Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves

New laws enacted in 2021 in Montana and Idaho encourage and incentivize the hunting and trapping of up to 85-90% of gray wolves in their states. Wyoming has continuously reduced their wolf population since 2017 by hunting, but new rules allow hunting of wolves using “whatever means necessary” in 85% of the state.

Since July 1st, 2021, over 1,000 wolves have been killed in these states, including 25 Yellowstone wolves.  A New York Times article published on January 17, 2022 states that a slaughter of wolves like this hasn’t been seen in a century. Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves need your help NOW to get an emergency relisting to the endangered species act and save decades worth of wolf recovery efforts. Join Jason Momoa, Jane Goodall, and 800 of the world’s top scientists in advocating for these wolves.

Here is how to help:

Click the button below to submit an original comment to the Fish and Wildlife Service to voice your support for emergency relisting. The comment can be short – each pro-relisting comment is counted and makes a difference. Adding more substance is a bonus!

Talking points for wolf advocates (please write using your own words for maximum impact):

  • This is not ethical hunting! These are extermination campaigns.
  • Idaho and Montana are offering bounties to incentivize wolf killings. Idaho increased their bounties up to $2,500 per wolf including newborn pups.
  • 21 Yellowstone wolves, iconic and valuable for research and tourism, have been killed after stepping foot outside the arbitrary boundary of their National Park.
  • No other species that has been restored thanks to the Endangered Species Act has been targeted for an 85-90% reduction in population.
  • Wolves are a self regulating species, meaning they control their own population numbers based on what their ecosystem can support. Human regulation of wolf populations is unnecessary and creates undesirable side effects such as disrupted social systems and subsequently increased livestock conflict.

Use your voice NOW to Save Wolves, Save Wilderness. Click the button below or visit

Demand National Protection for Gray Wolves

After the removal of gray wolves from the Endangered Species Act in January 2021, states with wolves begun opening hunts. Wisconsin opened a hunt in February 2021 that resulted in more than 200 wolves killed in three days – more than 20% of the entire state’s wolf population. Despite this devastating reduction, Wisconsin authorized an additional kill quota of 300 wolves for a proposed hunt in November 2021. Luckily, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction to block the hunt two weeks before the hunt was to begin.

UPDATE: On February 10, 2022, gray wolves of the Great Lakes Region and the Pacific Northwest regained protection under the Endangered Species Act! Learn more HERE. This is a major victory, however, Northern Rocky Mountain wolves are still subject to hunting and trapping campaigns. Lift your voice in support of these wolves by visiting