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Wolf Park focuses on conservation through education and advocacy efforts, as well as on-site conservation projects on our 100+ acres of "rewilded" Indiana farmland.


Wolf Park manages 75 acres of historic farmland that houses our natural habitats for gray wolves, American bison, red foxes, and gray foxes. We continuously work on “rewildling” this land to be hospitable for other native Indiana wildlife like wild turkeys, waterfowl, migratory birds, pollinator species, turtles, and more! Wolf Park also manages 27 acres of conservation property, recently converted from farmland, focused on providing shelter for northern bobwhite quail.

Wolf Park’s Conservation Fund 

If you support Wolf Park’s conservation fund by selecting Wolf Park in our “Grow the Wild” conservation project, you will be supporting the expansion and maintenance of our:

  • Pollinator Gardens & Rain Gardens
  • Bat Boxes & Bluebird Houses
  • Farm to Forest Restoration
  • Aquatic and Wetland Habitats.


Small actions can make a big impact! Every general admission to Wolf Park is granted a Conservation Coin, worth a portion of the admission ticket. Visitors choose how to Grow the Wild by awarding their conservation coin to the organization of their choice in our “Grow the Wild” display. Each year Wolf Park chooses four new organizations to support with this project and every April on Wolf Park’s Birthday the coins are counted and the subsequent funds are donated.

2022-2023 Conservation Recipients 


Wolf Park recognizes that wildlife conservation is stronger and more successful through collaboration. Throughout the year, Wolf Park hosts conservation organizations and researchers for on-site seminars and free webinars. We also regularly collaborate with organizations to advance advocacy campaigns and support conservation projects aligned with our vision of Save Wolves, Save Wilderness. Our consistent conservation partners include Defenders of Wildlife, Wolves of the Rockies, and Conservation Dogs Collective.