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Youth Programs

Wolf Park offers a variety of youth programs including summer camps, Junior Keeper camps, and our Next Generation Wildlife Advocates program.


Summer Science Camps provide the ideal experience for any young wildlife enthusiast. Our reconstructed summer science camps encompass smaller, grade-based groups that offer a more personal experience. Each theme weaves Indiana science standards through engaging activities and games to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife.

Art & Enrichment Camps give kids an opportunity to enhance their artistic skills through nature and conservation themed art projects as well as enrich the lives of our ambassador animals by creating enrichment. These camps are perfect for kids who enjoy crafts and wildlife, or who just can’t get enough of Wolf Park through our Science Camps.

Next Generation Wildlife Advocates is designed to provide an immersive learning and volunteer experience for high schoolers interested in pursuing a career in wildlife. This 8-week program encompasses exciting educational modules, opportunities to contribute to volunteer projects, and the development of a wildlife advocacy project.


Junior Keeper camp provides a once in a lifetime experience for high schoolers  interested in pursuing a career in animal husbandry, wildlife research, or wildlife conservation. The two-day experience introduces students to a variety of pathways within the field of wildlife conservation and engage in daily keeper duties at Wolf Park.