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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Wolf Park depends on its supporters to move forward with our mission of research, education and conservation.  There are many ways you can help support Wolf Park now and help to create sustainability for wolves in the future.

Planned Giving
The decisions you make today can benefit the wolves and Wolf Park for a lifetime. Wolf Park has members that put Wolf Park in their wills or other estate plans. Please consider doing this for the wolves.

There are several ways to help Wolf Park beyond your lifetime to give the gift that keeps on giving to our not for profit organization that you support now and can continue to support long after you have gone: Your planned gift can help ensure that future generations will inherit a world with wolves in it:

  • Include Wolf Park in your will,
  • Make an outright gift of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate,
  • Contribute to the Erich Klinghammer Endowment program that provides sustainability and ongoing income for Wolf Park,

Honor the passing of someone special by remembering what he or she loved and continue their legacy and passion for Wolf Park.

Wolf Park Stewards
The Wolf Park Stewards is a monthly donation you give to support Wolf Park while making a more profound commitment to Wolf Park on behalf of wolves.

Commemorate special celebrations with a gift to Wolf Park honoring the special occasion. I.e. birthday, weddings, graduations, anniversary.

Employer Matching Gifts
Double your donation and double your support!

Many employers provide financial support to match employee charitable contributions and volunteer hours. Inquire at your workplace to see if your employer makes matching gifts. Both you and your employer will receive recognition for your support in our newsletter.

Wolf Park will recognize your tribute in the Wolf Park quarterly newsletter and send a Thank You card for your thoughtfulness. For more information call or e-mail Wolf Park.

You can also support Wolf Park by purchasing things you were going to buy anyway on Amazon.  Just visit, and be sure to choose “Wolf Park” as your charity.  Your price stays the same, and we get .5% of it as a donation!

If you would like to make a donation to Wolf Park, click here, or call us at 765-567-2265 or email us at  If you have other ideas on how you can show your support, we would be happy to hear from you!

Thank you very much to all of our supporters — we truly appreciate all that you do!  We would not be here without you!