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Please use this page to schedule and prepare for your sponsorship visit.


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Visits are by appointment only and must be made two weeks in advance.

Visitation opportunities are only for the sponsor named on the certificate and are NOT transferable to friends or family members. 

You must be at least 18 years old to visit with the wolves and 5 years old to visit the foxes.

During a visit, you may be accompanied by other sponsors. We limit the amount of sponsors at a given time, but can not guarantee a private visit.

Before you first meet one of our wolf ambassadors, you must participate in a one-hour training course, which will show you how to safely interact with our ambassadors.

While we do our best, we can not entirely guarantee that during your visit you will meet with the wolf you are sponsoring. Individuals may not be up to meeting visitors at the time of your visit and our animal care staff work to ensure they are respected in this way.

We may deny visitation for safety reasons. For example, visitors who are ill, injured, or unsteady on their feet may not be able to interact with the wolves.

Staff photographer Monty Sloan can take professional photographs of your visit for just $60. Photos will be sent via Dropbox. If you would like a flash drive of the photos sent to you, the cost is $75. (Scheduling restrictions apply)


Please write the name of the primary contact for this request
Please double check the spelling of your email address
Please double check the number is correct
What is the best way to contact you?(Required)
Are you an Active Visiting Sponsor?
I.E. Have you purchased (or renewed) your Visiting Sponsorship?
Please provide several dates you would be able to visit Wolf Park. Visits need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Wolf sponsor visits cannot be booked between November and March to accommodate the seasonality related needs of our animals.
These include anything that could impair you during your visit for safety purposes (ex. problems walking or standing, a weak or infirm limb, medication that can impair your balance, etc)
Have you passed the safety test in the last calendar year?
This is applicable to wolf sponsors only
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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