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New Truck!

a car parked in front of a truck


We are excited to announce a very special donation given to us by volunteers Sandi and Jerry Kreevich….a brand new TRUCK from DeFOUW Chevrolet!
As many of you may know, we use our trucks on a regular basis, therefore they are extremely valued. Our trucks allow us the ability to pick up roadkill deer, grab supplies in town for larger projects, carry the food when feeding the wolves, working with the bison and providing them care, working on routine maintenance in the park, and so much more!
With our current trucks, it is clear how much they are used and how much this new one was needed. Sandi and Jerry saw that first-hand during their time volunteering at the park. We are so very grateful to them for this generosity as we can continue providing excellent care to the animals, maintaining and improving the park, and developing larger scale projects all more efficiently with this truck!
Thank you again to Sandi and Jerry Kreevich. And thank you to all Wolf Park volunteers and supporters who are so inspired by our mission of Conservation, Education, and Behavioral Research that you’ve continued your support throughout the years.
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