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Internships and Externships

Wolf Park's Internship Program provides unique opportunities for individuals to advance their knowledge about wolves, foxes, and bison in human care. Our program is designed to incorporate lecture based learning about topics such as animal training, husbandry, and ethology, with applied activities throughout our 75 acre facility. Throughout their time here, interns will work alongside staff to meet the operational needs of a small non-profit.

Externship Program

Location: Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN

Length of Stay: 4-6 weeks

Who Can Apply: Anyone can apply; however accepted applicants are typically undergraduates and recent graduates in Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology or other relevant degrees.

Accepting Applications: Year-round

Program Details: This program provides a short practical experience in the management of captive animals. Externs will have the opportunity to observe the daily operations of a non-profit animal care facility. Due to the short time period of this program, Externs will not be cleared on all activities, such as tours or giving medications to animals, which Interns are able to participate in. The main focus will be on shadowing Staff, Interns, and longer-standing Volunteers to learn about the Park’s daily operations. Participants will gain similar experiences to that of the internship program and can voluntarily choose similar activities to that of Interns. However, this program is not as strictly structured as an Internship. Externs have the freedom to choose their activities and are generally independent, working on specific goals that they would like to accomplish during their time here. The Extern experience will only be as in depth and involved as the Extern participant makes an effort for it to be.

Typical Activities Include:

  • Job Shadowing of Wolf Park Staff – Externs may follow the staff in the following areas of: animal husbandry, park management, non-profit marketing, and business. Including interviewing the staff in more detail on specific subjects.
  • Extended Animal Observation – Externs will be allowed observe our animals at times that are convenient to them.
  • Educational Sessions – Externs are allowed to view our seminars in their entirety as well as any offsite lectures during their stay here. Of course, Externs will also be invited to attend our weekly educational sessions that are given.

Costs: Program Total $900. A $150 refundable housing deposit is required at the time of acceptance to hold your space, with the balance due in full one month before your arrival. Housing is included. Food, transportation to and from our facility, as well as for groceries, souvenirs, visas and other expenses are not included in the program price.

Application Process: Externs are required to submit an application for consideration.

Applications can be emailed, mailed or faxed to our facility. Once the application is received, it is reviewed by the Intern Coordinator. If you appear to be a good match for our program, the next step is an interview. This can be conducted over the phone or by Skype. Interviews are prearranged by the Intern Coordinator and applicant between the hours of 10am to 5pm EST Monday thru Friday and generally take about an hour.

After the interview, if you are accepted, your acceptance will be contingent on a background check, which we conduct after receipt of your refundable deposit to hold your space. In the event that you are denied entry into the program based on your background check, a portion of your deposit will be returned to you.

Application Deadlines: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Priority is given to those applicants with relevant experience or studying towards fields that are most relevant to Wolf Park. We typically have fewer applicants for the winter season, so if you are applying for in Internship or Externship, we may be more lenient about accepting you based on area of study at that time. Submit your application as soon as possible to have the best chances of securing a space. Summer is our busiest season, and often fills up by the end of February.

Questions? Please email [email protected]