Watermelon Party


Wolf Park’s Watermelon Party
July 1, 1 – 5pm

Ayla with melonEvery July, we give each wolf, fox and coyote his or her very own cold watermelon, stuffed with treats such as pig ears, cheese, and dog biscuits.

Visitors are invited to watch as each animal enjoys their summery treat.  These unique treats provide environmental enrichment, giving our critters something to roll on, stuff their noses in, paw, lick, chew, scent-mark, and defend.

This event happens on a different date each year.  Check out our calendar of events for this year’s date!

Want to help support Wolf Park’s efforts in research, conservation and education? Tell our animals you appreciate them being ambassadors by donating towards a stuffed watermelon complete with pig ears and “snausages”. In return for each $25 donation we will send you a photo of the animal of your choice enjoying their watermelon.

Also cool off with a shaved ice from our special guest Gibson Shaved Ice!

Buy a wolf a watermelon!