This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any photography buff! Our photography seminars are unlike any other photo workshop you will attend. The seminar is taught by world-renowned wolf photographer Monty Sloan.

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Our socialized wolves will allow photographers to get close enough to touch them, so there will be many opportunities for portraits and closeups. Our staff photographer will guide you through good photo opportunities and have the wolves “pose” for you. There will also be opportunity for “candid” and action photographs as well.

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The photography programs take place in Wolf Park’s seven-acre natural enclosure, but to limit problems with photographers getting in one another’s way, we limit the photo sessions to fewer participants than our other programs. In most cases that means less than 10. Interaction with the wolves is discouraged; the wolves will be encouraged, with treats, to move between our most scenic backdrops and to interact with each other. Flash is permitted. Tripods are discouraged and you can’t bring one in covered in foam (the wolves think they are toys). Be sure to bring extra batteries, lenses, flash cards, etc. — so you do not have to keep leaving and re-entering the enclosure and disturbing the session. Wear garments with pockets in which to carry everything except your camera; camera bags are also not allowed in the enclosure as the wolves want to go “shopping” in them.

Sessions will be held in most weather, including light rain or snow. Call ahead if you are uncertain about the weather. We have not yet cancelled a seminar due to weather; the wolves are actually more interesting, more active and the photo opportunities are better in inclement weather. There is usually time to dodge between the raindrops. For cold weather programs make sure you DRESS WARM!

Photography Seminars:

For people who would like to learn more about wildlife photography, and wolf photography in particular. Includes a talk by Wolf Park’s photographer, Monty Sloan on how to get the best out of your time in with the wolves, including good angles, flash usage, and how to eliminate fencing and other background clutter in your shots.

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  • 9:30am Tips and basic wolf photography methodologies.
  • 11:00 Lecture and slide presentation on wolf behavior (required prior to entering the wolf enclosure)
  • Break for lunch
  • Approximately 2:00pm – 5:00pm photography within the main pack!
  • Wrap up by 5:00pm

Photo Shoots:

For photographers that are already skilled at wildlife photography. We suggest that you consider taking the photography seminar before taking a photo shoot.

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  • 9:30am Lecture and slide presentation on wolf behavior (required prior to entering the wolf enclosure)
  • 11:00 Animal photography session 1
  • 12:00 Break for lunch
  • 2:00 Animal photography session 2
  • Wrap up by 5:00pm

Please Note:
All times for sessions in with wolves are approximate and are highly weather dependent. Times given are generally correct for sunny days. For inclement weather, we often skip lunch so it is highly recommended that you bring a bag lunch or snacks when the weather looks at all problematic. Even on overcast days we often skip lunch as we may lose light by early afternoon. This is especially true of late November and December sessions.

On days with rain, a change of clothes is recommended as you will most likely get wet and muddy. Rubber rain coats are not generally allowed in with the wolves as they may try to consume those. On rainy or snowy days it is recommended you bring some small hand towels to shield your camera from moisture. Plastic bags and covers are not allowed as once again, the wolves will try to consume those. They usually do not bother towels unless you drop your towel. (Then we take photos of a wolf running around with a towel.)

Private photography opportunities are available for photographers wanting unique images or just for people who want to spend some time with the wolves. A safety presentation, lasting approximately one hour, is required prior to entering the enclosure.

  • Private photo shoots. $395 per person for a 90 minute session in with the wolves.   $100 for an additional half hour per person or $150 per person for an extra 31-60 minutes. These sessions are for up to four people. Larger groups can sign up for a private group photo shoot.
  • Private group photo shoots. Does your photography club want a private photography seminar with our wolves?  Or perhaps it is just you and your friends who would like a private photography session.  We can arrange that.  This 9:30-5:00 program runs exactly the same as our regular photography seminar program.  The price is $195.00 per person, with a minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 15.   If you do not have six people available, that is not a problem — however, the minimum amount would be $1,170.00.
  • Private group full-day photo shoots. $295 per person. Minimum 6 participants or $1,770.00. This 9:30-5:00 program is structured just like a regularly scheduled One Day Photography Session for the serious wolf photographer and gives participants a minimum of 3+ hours in with the wolves.

Through-The-Fence Photography Tours:

This program is for those who want to photograph the wolves at odd hours of the day (late afternoons and evenings)  or in the winter months when we do not allow any visitations.  This is also a good program for those on a budget, or for those who simply can’t go in with the wolves.

This program is held inside the safety fence where you can put your lens right up to the habitat fencing.  When possible, we may also be able to get some great photos through the open observation room window.  Monty takes a lot of his photographs this way so the wolves are really good at posing even when we are not in with them.

Participants must call at least a week in advance to make an appointment and not all times are available due to conflicts with other programs held at Wolf Park.  For an appointment please call the main office, 765-567-2265 M-F 9-5 Eastern time.

Fees: $100 per person per hour, each additional person $50.00/hour. Maximum 10 participants.  Two hour maximum.

Photographers should be age 15 or over.  Other restrictions may apply.