This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any photography buff! Our photography seminars are unlike any other photo workshop you will attend. The seminars are taught by world-renowned wolf photographer Monty Sloan.

Wolf Park offers:

  • Photography seminars for photo enthusiasts interested in learning about wolf and wildlife photography
  • Photography shoots for experienced wildlife photographers interested in getting great, fence-free, natural photos
  • Other options, including through-the-fence photo tours and private group photography seminars

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Our socialized wolves will allow photographers to get close enough to touch them, so there will be many opportunities for portraits and closeups. Our staff photographer will guide you through good photo opportunities and have the wolves “pose” for you. There will also be opportunity for “candid” and action photographs as well.

Video by Tom O’Dowd     

The photography programs take place in Wolf Park’s seven-acre natural enclosure, but to limit problems with photographers getting in one another’s way, we limit the photo sessions to fewer participants than our other programs. In most cases that means less than 10. Interaction with the wolves is discouraged; the wolves will be encouraged, with treats, to move between our most scenic backdrops and to interact with each other. Flash is permitted. Tripods are discouraged and you can’t bring one in covered in foam (the wolves think they are toys). Be sure to bring extra batteries, lenses, flash cards, etc. — so you do not have to keep leaving and re-entering the enclosure and disturbing the session. Wear garments with pockets in which to carry everything except your camera; camera bags are also not allowed in the enclosure as the wolves want to go “shopping” in them.

Sessions will be held in most weather, including light rain or snow. Call ahead if you are uncertain about the weather. We have not yet cancelled a seminar due to weather; the wolves are actually more interesting, more active and the photo opportunities are better in inclement weather. There is usually time to dodge between the raindrops. For cold weather programs make sure you DRESS WARM!