Summer Camps


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all programs are subject to rescheduling at this time.  You will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.

Wolf Park proudly offers two types of summer camps. Wild for Wolves summer science camp includes grade-based themes for children, grades K – 8. Next Gen Wildlife Advocates summer camp was developed especially for students aged 14-16 interested in zoology careers.


Wild for Wolves Summer Science Camp


Wolf Park’s Wild for Wolves two-day camp provides the ideal experience for any young wildlife enthusiast. Our reconstructed summer science camps encompass smaller, grade-based groups that offer a more personal experience. Each theme weaves Indiana science standards throughout engaging activities and games. Campers will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife and will discover their own role in the ecosystem. Cultivating young minds to become the next generation of wildlife advocates is what Wolf Park’s mission is all about! Campers of all ages will also learn about the ongoing research and conservation work at Wolf Park, meet some of our incredible ambassador animals, and experience exclusive behind-the-scenes activities.

The Indiana Science Standards incorporated in our camps can be provided upon request.



Grades K-1: Wonders of Wildlife

Wonders of Wildlife focuses on the diversity of wildlife all around us, the importance of wildlife and wild places, and how campers can help the wildlife in their backyards and beyond. Campers will also learn the differences between wild and domesticated animals.

2020 dates: June 22-23, June 25-26, June 29-30

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Grades 2-3: Tails and Teeth

Tails and Teeth focuses on the incredible adaptations of wild animals, the strategies animals use to survive in the wild, and how scientists classify organisms according to physical features. Campers will also learn how wildlife is adapting or disappearing in the face of human development.

2020 Dates: July 2-3, July 6-7, July 9-10

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Grades 4-5: Exploring Ecosystems

Exploring Ecosystems will focus on how and where animals fit into the ecosystem, the important roles that must be filled in a healthy ecosystem, and how changing ecosystems (including towns and cities) can alter the appearances and behavior of wildlife. Campers will also learn how they can choose their own role in the ecosystem through conscious choice.

2020 Dates: July 13-14, July 16-17, July 20-21

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Grades 6-8: Where the Wild Things Were

Where the Wild Things Were will focus on the interconnectedness of the ecosystem, how humans have altered wildlife and habitats, and how campers can make a positive impact on threatened wildlife through coexistence and conservation. Campers will also learn how zoological facilities like Wolf Park benefit wildlife populations.

2020 Dates: July 23-24, July 27-28, July 30-31

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Next Gen Wildlife Advocates



Ages 14-16: Next Gen Wildlife Advocates

Wolf Park’s Next Gen Wildlife Advocates provides once in a lifetime experiences for high schoolers aged 14-16 interested in pursuing a career in animal husbandry, wildlife research, or wildlife conservation. The two-day experience is designed to introduce the many career options in the field of wildlife conservation and effectively prepare students for internships at wildlife organizations. Students will have opportunities to engage in daily keeper duties at Wolf Park, which can include feeding, creating enrichment, viewing staff training sessions with our ambassador animals, and even training our ambassador animals themselves. Lectures and activities encompass a wide range of topics, including the importance of zoos and wildlife facilities, coexistence with wildlife, research on captive versus wild animals, the influence of media on wildlife conservation, and how to create the change you wish to see in the world.

There is no better experience than Next Gen Wildlife Advocates to discover whether pursuing a career in wildlife is for you!

2020 Dates: June 11-12, June 15-16

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