Frequently Asked Questions


About Wolf Park

Are you a public/state park?
No. Wolf Park is a privately owned and operated non-profit facility. We are not funded by any state or federal organizations.

What do you do?
We are a wild canid research and education center. We assist researchers around the world as well as offer a variety of tours, talks, seminars, camps and other programs to our visitors.

What species do you have onsite?
We are home to wolves, coyotes, red & grey foxes, and bison.

Are the wolves running loose?
No. Our animals are in large, semi-natural enclosures.

Where did the animals come from?
Most of our animals were born here. The rest came from zoos or other facilities like us. None of them were born in the wild. None of them are rescues from private individuals.

Will they ever be released into the wild?
Our animals are raised to be very comfortable around people so they are not candidates for release into the wild. They are ambassadors for their wild cousins. We hope by giving people a chance to see and interact with our animals, they will make better informed decisions relating to wildlife and natural resources.

In what time zone is Wolf Park located?
Wolf Park is on Eastern Standard Time, like Michigan and Ohio. Northern Indiana and Chicago are on Central Time. Please plan accordingly. This part of Indiana is also on Daylight Savings Time.



What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Apple/Droid Pay. We do not accept American Express.

Is there a minimum charge for credits cards?
Yes there is a $5.00 minimum for credit card purchases.

Do you offer military/student/senior discounts?

Do you offer AAA discounts?
We offer AAA members 10% off Single and Family Memberships.



What activities are available?
We run guided tours of the facility during the week and a variety of talks and other programs on weekends. Please see our Hours and Admission page for details on general programs and our Special Events page for unique activities.

Do I need a reservations?
No. You do not need a reservation for any of our regular afternoon & evening programs or special events. Tickets are sold at the Visitor’s Center upon arrival. You can purchase Memberships ahead of time.

How long is the tour?
Tours last about 45 minutes and follow a half mile walking trail.

Do I have to take a guided tour or can I walk by myself?
Visitors must be accompanied by a docent when on the trail. We do not allow self-guided tours.

Will we be able to see the wolves?
Yes. The animals are very comfortable with people and will often come straight up to the fence.

Can I touch the animals?
General visitors to the park will not meet the animals face-to-face. Sponsors may arrange a time to meet their wolf or fox. Details can be found HERE. Sponsors must be over eighteen to meet a wolf. Younger sponsors may meet the foxes.



Is Wolf Park handicap accessible?
Yes. The park is flat and there are ramps to all the buildings. HOWEVER, our roads and paths are all gravel and can be difficult for wheelchairs and strollers during the wet spring months.

What if I can’t walk the whole tour route?
We have golf carts available at no extra charge for guests who are uncomfortable walking long distances. As with wheelchairs, these might not be operational when the park is especially muddy.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are not allowed inside the park. We do not have facilities to board your dog while you are on a tour. We can offer you a shaded parking location if your dog is in the car but we encourage you to leave your dog behind during the summer.

What about service dogs?
Although service dogs are well-trained, many of them are not prepared to have wolves within a few feet of them. If you can manage without your service dog for an hour or so, we encourage you to leave it behind for the mental health of the dog. If your dog needs to be with you at all times, please let the staff know (preferably in advance). We will have a staff member accompany you on a tour to assist with distracting the wolves or dog as needed. If your dog is thoroughly uncomfortable around the wolves, our staff can drive you and your dog on the tour trail.

Companion, emotional support, and therapy animals are not permitted inside the park.

Can I smoke/vape in the park?
Please smoke/vape in the designated area outside the park. Please dispose of all cigarette butts. We do not want our animals to ingest them.

Can I eat inside the park?
Eating in front of the animals is not allowed. You are welcome to eat outside the park in the grassy area by the Visitor’s Center.

Can I take pictures, can I use a flash, and can I post them online?
You are welcome to take pictures. Our current animals don’t mind flash photography. You are welcome to post the pictures on Facebook or other websites.

Can I bring firearms?
No, unless you are a law enforcement official with ID.



Do you accept meat donations?
If you are cleaning out your freezer and would like to donate, we are happy to accept certain items.

We will accept

  • Beef, fowl, lamb, fish & wild game in processed or unprocessed form
  • Fresh and frozen vegetables & fruit (No grapes, onions, garlic or strawberries)
  • Hotdogs, hamburger patties, meatballs, etc.

We will not accept

  • Pre-cooked chicken or turkey pieces with bones (Bones splinter easily after cooking)
  • Ready-made meals (TV Dinners, pizzas, potpies, etc.)
  • Desserts, breads

Do you take deceased farm animals?
We will accept farm animals which have died of natural causes or bullet wounds. If the animals were euthanized by a vet, we cannot accept them. We will not accept live animals.

We will accept

  • Still-born calves & lambs
  • Calves & foals under 400lb
  • Chickens and other fowl
  • Rabbits
  • We will sometimes accept sheep and goats, but our wolves don’t like them very much.

We will not accept

  • Pigs
  • Full grown cows and horses
  • Live animals

Due to the size of our vehicles, we cannot offer pickup for animals over 200lbs.
Please call ahead before dropping off animals. (765-567-2265) Please ask before bringing unusual/exotic animals.

Do you accept roadkill?
Yes. If you see a deer on the road, you call us to pick it up. Please call 765-567-2265 to report deer. We do not pick-up on interstates. We are not available for pick-ups on weekends. If the deer is wounded but still alive, call the police, not us.

We will not pick up smaller animals such as raccoons, coyotes, possums or rabbits.

Do you accept hunter scraps?
If you have carcass pieces left over after butchering, we will accept scrap meat or pieces which still have meat on them. We do not want stripped bones or hides. We will not provide pick-up for hunter leavings.

Can I bring treats for the animals?
Yes! We are happy to accept treat foods. However, we save the treats for training purposes and special events so you won’t get to feed the wolves that day.

Here are some favorite treats

  • Spam
  • Hotdogs
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, Colby jack)
  • Zukes Mini Natural Dog Treats
  • Jerky
  • Unsalted nuts (for the foxes)
  • Red & delicious apples (Our bison are picky about their apple brands)
  • Sweet feed (for the bison)

Our wolves do not like

  • Dry dog kibble
  • Milk bones
  • Rawhides

What other donations do you need?
You can find a list of our general and specific needs on our Wishlist.

Do you have a monthly donation program?
Yes! Check out our Stewardship Program.


Rehoming Animals

I have a dog/wolf/hybrid that needs a new home.
We are not a rescue. We do not take in animals from private individuals.

I found an injured animal. Can you take it?
We are not a rehab facility. If you are in the Lafayette area, please contact Wildcat Creek Rescue Center.

Can I buy a wolf pup?
We do not sell our puppies to private individuals.

I am a licensed facility looking for wolf puppies. Can you help?
We very rarely have extra pups and usually the waiting list is extensive. We are also very particular which facilities receive our pups. You are welcome to contact our head curator, Pat, at Please provide detailed information about your facility and needs.


In the Area

Where can we camp?
We do not have a campground. We recommend the following:

What hotels are in the area?
We are about ten minutes north of Lafayette/West Lafayette. You can find most of the chain hotels there. Check out This Website for a listing of hotels in the area.

What else is there to do near you?
Hiking Trails & Parks

Museums & Other Activities

Here are a few of our staffs’ favorites

Other Animal Facilities in Indiana


Community Outreach

Do you donate passes to fundraisers?
Yes. If you have an upcoming fundraiser, please email with information. Please include the name & address of your organization, the event type & date, and how the donation will be used.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot accommodate all requests. We give preference to the following:

  • Science & nature-based programs, or programs which support STEM education.
  • Libraries
  • Other non-profits
  • Facilities within one hour travel of Wolf Park.

Can you bring a wolf to our program/event/parade?
Our animals do not leave the property, but our staff/volunteers would be happy to set up a booth if we have available manpower. Please contact

Can you speak at my club/class/school?
Yes. We are happy to provide a program about Wolf Park for your group. Please email to setup something.

For schools in Battle Ground and Lafayette/West Lafayette, we are happy to talk to your class free of charge. Out-of-town schools will need to pay for mileage and the speaker.


Do you have any more questions? Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!