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Response to COVID-19 & Reopening

wolf statue wearing a mask


Dear Wolf Park Visitors,

We are so happy to be open again and have you back at the park. We wanted you to be aware that face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required for the following activities for all visitors over the age of two:

  • All guided tours
  • Howl Nights (while in the bleachers)
  • Sponsor visits
  • Shopping at the gift shop

We also highly recommend that visitors over the age of two wear a face covering at other times they are in the park with members of the public self-guided tours. Multiple scientific studies have shown that a face covering is an effective way of drastically reducing exposure. By wearing a face covering, you are limiting the chances of unintentionally infecting Wolf Park staff, volunteers, and other visitors. We are requiring face coverings at the times listed because those are the times where you will be closest proximity to Wolf Park staff and volunteers, and it is vital that we keep our staff well.

If you are opposed to or unable to wear a face covering, we recommend that you wait to visit when risks have decreased. We are continually collecting information and adapting policies for our visitors to allow for additional opportunities to safely visit Wolf Park.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Karah Rawlings
Executive Director

Updated from 9-12-2020

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