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Joker Update #2

Joker a male red fox


Thank you so much for your support–the well wishes and donations go a long way towards taking care of Joker during this hard time.

Joker’s trip to Purdue went very well. He was a polite fox and complied with all of the tests that the Purdue doctors wanted to run on him. We are still waiting for some results, but in the meantime, we learned something about the type of cancer that Joker is fighting. The original diagnosis was incorrect–he is actually dealing with T-Cell Lymphoma which can be more aggressive.

Unfortunately, in consulting with his medical team, surgery isn’t an option at his time. We have started a round of chemotherapy. So far Joker is in great spirits and is still playing with Scarlette daily in their habitat. We will monitor Joker daily for updates and stay in close contact with his doctors.

Right now, the total costs for this round of medication (after Purdue’s and our vet’s generosity), we are still looking at a $1700 bill. If you are able to support us in this way for his care, please visit:

We will continue to keep you informed about his condition.

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