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Joker Update #5 – Happy 9th Birthday!

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In November, when Joker started his journey with cancer, we did not know what would happen as we embarked on this journey with him. In the past, Joker has not been especially cooperative at taking pills. Likewise, he is not a fox that typically wants human touches on a regular basis either – only when it is on his terms. The treatment plan has required both regular medications and regular contact with the care team and vets.


Fortunately for caregivers, Joker has been over 95% compliant in taking his daily medications. In true Joker fashion, this doesn’t mean he has not been picky about his preferences in type of food or treats the medications were given in. Those have varied dramatically at times! When it has come time for blood draws and vet checks, Joker has handled these like a champ, all while still wanting to engage with sponsors and other activities at Wolf Park.

At 6 months into his treatments, we are at a huge milestone – Joker’s 9th Birthday! He is still considered to be in partial remission and has experienced very few “bad” days.

Because of his health, we celebrated this birthday a little grander.  We treat each day as a special day and cherish every moment working with him and sharing him with you. We are reminded daily that our ambassadors’ live life on their terms and Joker is truly living his life to the fullest!

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