In 2005, Wolf Park saw the birth of a litter of six pups from Erin and Chetan. The staff was very excited because these pups could trace their lineage all the way back to the park’s original alpha female, Cassie.

During their second winter, Wolfgang and Wotan teamed up to dominate their older brother Renki and rise to the second and third rank in the pack. They switched ranks on a regular basis and didn’t seem too concerned over which one was which rank. In the summer of 2009, the two staged a fight against dominant male, Tristan, and drove him from pack. Wolfgang emerged as the alpha.

In 2012, Wolfgang fathered a litter of six puppies with his mate, Dharma. The next spring, the main pack was divided into smaller groups to ease tension among the wolves. Within a few years, Wolfgang and Wotan were living out their peaceful ‘retirement’ away from the busy youngsters of the main pack. The brothers are very happy together and much tension and grumpy has vanished from their relationship now that they aren’t pestered by younger wolves or females.

Among his many talents, Wolfgang turned out to be a dancer. He discovered the staff would give him lots of treats if he jumped backwards several times in a row. One of the staff taught him to bow. They created a dance routine in which they’d march back and forth together while she hummed a waltz. He was also a skilled pick-pocket, who regularly attempted to make off with humans’ prized possessions.

During 2018, Wolfgang fought an ongoing battle with cancer. Treatment help and he rallied for a time, but began losing stamina toward the end of the year. He passed away quietly on his own the evening of December 28, surrounded by staff and volunteers who’d known and cared for him all his life.