Chetan (April 10, 1995 - May 31, 2013)

Chetan (pronounced “Shay – tahn”) was born in 1995 to Karin and Socrates. His name was meant to be the Lakota word for Hawk but volunteers later noticed the same pronunciation was the Arabic word for Satan and the Swahili word for Life. This gave Chetan a lot to live up to. Perhaps because of that, he is more often called by his nickname, “Fluffy”.

Chetan was a wild youth who helped harass several wolves out of the pack. Unfortunately, a series of bad political moves eventually landed Chetan at the bottom of the pecking order and he never recovered enough confidence to rise in rank again.

In 2003, Chetan began courting Erin, who responded willingly to his affection. From that point on he was, and remains, her preferred mate. In 2005, the influx of young wolves in the main pack began pestering Chetan past his point of endurance. Since Erin was causing troubles for the females of the pack, the two of them were retired together to East Lake where they lived “happily ever after” as a happy pack of two.

Chetan was completely hen-pecked by his mate, but he liked her and was willing to surrender anything she wants, including his arthritis medication. They remained faithful and content with one another to the end of their days.