Wolf Park hosts day camps and overnight camps for kids age 5-14!

Our kids’ camps are packed with educational activities, games, crafts, and of course animals!  Learn about how wolves, foxes, and coyotes interact with their world and how they are similar to and different from our pet dogs.  Make treats for the animals and learn about how they find food and work with each other.

Most activities take place outdoors; be sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray.   Cameras are welcome and encouraged!

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Day camps run from 9 AM to 4:00 PM
Overnight camps run from 1:00 PM Sat to 4:00 PM Sun

2017 Dates

June 1-2             Day Camp        Ages 5-7
June 6-7             Day Camp        Ages 8-10
June 13-14         Day Camp        Ages 11-12
June 20-21        Day Camp        Ages 8-10
June 27-28        Day Camp        Ages 5-7
July 5-6              Day Camp        Ages 11-12
June 3-4           Overnight         Ages 13-14
June 10-11       Overnight          Ages 11-12
June 17-18       Overnight          Ages 8-10
June 24-25      Overnight          Ages 11-12
July 1-2            Overnight          Ages 8-10