Timber is a petite wolf who was born at Safari North Zoo, in Brainerd, Minnesota, in the spring of 2014. She grew up at Wildlife Encounters, an education/rescue facility in Omaha, Nebraska. They agreed to raise her, socialize her, and help find her a home as they were not equipped to look after a wolf for its whole life. They asked if we might provide her with a permanent home and we said yes.

She arrived well after sunset on December 11. She spent her first night indoors, snuggling with staff members. The next day she moved outside, and was immediately overwhelmed by the visitors who arrived for the annual holiday party. The staff spent long months getting her used to the idea of tours and visitors.

By the end of her first year at the park, Timber had warmed up to the idea of visitors, crowds and other wolves. She had boundless energy and loved to have visitors – both human and wolf. She loved to visit the park’s male wolves and has had regular play dates with Wotan, Renki, Wolfgang and Bicho. Timber loves all the boys, although most of the boys find her exhausting.

In 2017, she and Wotan became the parents of five pups. Timber took good care of them while they were in the den, but seemed confused how to behave once they could walk around. She treated them as if they were adult wolves, which frightened the puppies. By August, the female pups were starting to threaten Timber, so she stopped visiting them. She still enjoys visits with the male pups, but even they can’t handle her level of energy for long.

She is a little shy of new people but warms up quickly, sometimes growing so excited to have company that she’ll run in circles around her enclosure. The interns have made her a variety of toys. One of her favorites was two cow-hide balls, which she tossed around happily. She also loves interesting scents, towels and anything she can tear apart.