Wolf Park Stewards


Ayla Posing in a Light SnowThe Wolf Park Stewards program allows you to support Wolf Park while making a more profound commitment on behalf of wolves.  Choose an amount to donate each month, and it will automatically be deducted from your credit card.

This steady income assists us in stabilizing our cash flow and having some ability to predict our income each month. This is not a membership program: the Stewards’ reward is simply knowing that they have the eternal gratitude of the Park’s inhabitants, both two- and four-legged: the Park will be on steadier footing thanks to your long term, continuous support!

You will be listed under Wolf Park Stewards by name in our newsletter (unless you wish to remain anonymous).  We hope that others will be inspired by your commitment, and will become Stewards as well.

Stewards can opt to have automatic monthly payments on a Visa or Mastercard, or send in checks on a monthly basis. The program is not dated like a membership, so there are no renewals or expiration dates. We ask that you sign up for this program with the intention of participating for a year or more, but you may withdraw at any time, at your discretion, with no penalties.

For more information, please contact us.  We really appreciate your commitment to making a monthly donation to Wolf Park!

If you would prefer to support Wolf Park by becoming a member or sponsoring a wolf, please click here!