Fox Talks


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Location: Fox enclosure, to the left of the main pack as you enter the Park

Time: Varied, Saturdays and Sundays

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

Docents and staff members present information about the life and behaviors of foxes, some species of which still live wild in Indiana. The talk covers information about differences between foxes and wolves, including differences in vocalizations, habits and social structure. Red foxes are the most widely distributed canid in the world.  Gray foxes are incredibly agile and spend a lot of their time in trees.  Arctic foxes change color with the seasons: “blue” or gray in the summer, white in the winter.

Fox talks are a wonderful opportunity to see and appreciate the creatures that may be visiting your backyard when you are asleep.

Over the years, Wolf Park has been home to red foxes, gray foxes, and an Arctic fox.  Our current ambassador animals are viewable here.