Tipping Point: Talking Climate and Carnivores over a Cold One


Talking Climate and Carnivores over a Cold One
Thursday May 25, 2017
Gate opens 5:30 pm– Talk begins 6pm
Admission FREE—Donations encouraged!

peoplesWolf Park is hosting a new monthly summer program that invites the public to engage with the issue of climate change while relaxing in an easy atmosphere with a craft beer in hand. In the spirit of the local Science on Tap program, this event provides an opportunity to learn more about the research being done at Purdue’s Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC), and enter conversations with the researchers, as well as with fellow participants, about how this environmental challenge will impact the environment in Indiana, including humans and wildlife.

The inaugural event will happen Thursday May 25. When the doors open at 5:30pm participants can enter and purchase a beer (or other beverages) from People’s Brewing Company and chill out in the lovely evening.

At 6pm Jeff Dukes, Director of the PCCRC, will begin his talk titled, “The Nature of Climate Change: How plants and ecosystems will affect and respond to the changing climate.” There will be time to ask questions and ponder the important information provided, while wolves howl in the distance. Future programs will feature other members of the PCCRC faculty who will discuss other aspects related to climate change. This program will be offered in June, July and August, exact dates to be announced soon.

Both Wolf Park and the PCCRC are mandated to support the dispersal of solid, current information about the natural world, and this partnership allows for a new avenue to reach the interested public. While no formal Wolf Park program will be offered during the Tipping Point evening programs, visitors will have a chance to ask staff members about wolves and the Park’s mission.

Jeff Dukes

Jeff Dukes, director of Purdue Climate Change Research Center

About the Speaker: Jeff Dukes is the director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center and professor in the departments of Forestry and Natural Resources and Biological Sciences at Purdue University. Dukes holds the Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability and he is an American Association for the Advancement of Science Public Engagement Fellow. His research currently focuses on three themes: understanding how ecosystems respond to climate and atmospheric change, understanding and minimizing the impacts of invasive species on ecosystems, and exploring the ecological consequences of switching our energy supply from fossil fuels to biofuels.