Pumpkin Party


WP179341As part of our environmental enrichment program, designed to make our wolves’ lives in captivity the best they can possibly be, we celebrate the season of treats by distributing seasonally-themed munchies to our four-footed friends.

For the Pumpkin Party, celebrated around Halloween each year, Wolf Park staff and volunteers create jack-o-lanterns filled with tasty, animal-friendly treats for the wolves, coyotes and foxes. Each animal gets his or her own but sometimes they are sure that another one is better than the one given to them, and will “swap” pumpkins with another animal, whether they like it or not!

Guests will have the chance to watch the animals figure out how to get the snacks inside, or to try to figure out how to move or pick up a pumpkin that is very round and can roll. Each wolf approaches this environmentally enriched activity with his or her own special flair.

This event happens on a different date each year.  Check out our calendar of events for this year’s date.

Want to support Wolf Park?  Buy a pumpkin for your favorite wolf, fox, or coyote!  You will receive a photograph of your animal enjoying his or her pumpkin.

Buy a wolf a pumpkin!

(Please note that, like watermelons, buying a wolf a pumpkin is only available in season.)