Wolf Park is primarily an outdoor attraction, but we make every effort to accommodate persons who need special assistance. We would love to help you get the most you possibly can from your visit. If you have any concerns about your visit, please call ahead at (765) 567-2265.

Guide and service dogs are permitted inside the Park. (No other pets are permitted, sorry.) Please call ahead, if possible, if you have a guide or service dog. The wolves can be very interested in visiting dogs, and you may need special assistance.

Handicapped parking for both cars and vans is available at the Park entrance parking lot. You may also drive up to our entrance and unload your group.

The buildings and facilities at Wolf Park are wheelchair accessible. All buildings have an access ramp and wheelchair accessible doors, and we have an accessible restroom.

We offer a guided driving tour for guests who may not be able to walk on our educational tours — just ask a staff member. We have a golf cart available, or you may take your vehicle with a Park staff member riding along. On exceptionally busy days, there may be a short wait for available tour guides.

Please check with a Wolf Park staff member or volunteer if you need assistance.