May 6, 2013
Gypsum is a male grey fox who arrived at Wolf Park in the spring of 2013. He and his sisters were raised by a multitude of assistants who tried to help the foxes bond with people by spending huge amounts of one-on-one time with them.

The grey foxes moved in briefly with the park’s elderly red foxes but the kits were too tiring for the reds so funding was raised to extend the fox enclosure and give each species a space of their own.

In the fall of 2014, Gypsum tried to swallow a mouse whole and got it stuck on his insides. The nice people at Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital removed it. Gypsum spent several months inside recovering from his surgery. His human friends kept him entertained with toys, strange foods, and books on tape.

Gypsum thinks he’s a big and brave fox. He’s convinced he could win in a fight against a wolf. He once threatened Kanti, who was so frightened that he ran away and hid behind Bicho. Gypsum has been convinced wolves are easily defeated ever since.

Gypsum is shy of crowd and often hides during open hours. He has a select group of humans he loves. For the lucky few, he enjoys licking the inside of noses, cuddling, and receiving belly rubs.