April 6, 2012
Fiona was born to Dharma and Wolfgang along with her five siblings. Fiona and her brothers, Kanti and Bicho, were chosen to live at Wolf Park for their lives.

Originally they joined their parents in the main pack but Fiona didn’t get along with her mother so the pack was split into two trios. Kanti, Bicho and Fiona were happy to have a pack of their own.

As the only female in the pack, Fiona gets to do whatever she wants, but she also has to put up with being chewed on by her brothers. Fortunately for her, they stop when she tells them to do so. She is a good swimmer and a good hunter. She has been known to catch birds and other creatures inside the enclosure. Once she caught a baby Canada goose.

Although Fiona can’t have pups, she became foster mother to the 2017 litter and did an amazing job teaching the five pups all about interacting with adult wolves.

Fiona is very fond of men’s beards. She also enjoys rolling on people’s heads. Unfortunately, she is currently in the stage of her life when female wolves can become difficult with human strangers, particularly women. She is currently restricted to only meeting people she’s known for a long time.