Bicho (male)

April 6, 2012

Bicho was born to Dharma and Wolfgang along with his five siblings in the spring of 2012. Bicho, Kanti and Fiona were chosen to live at Wolf Park for their whole lives.

Bicho had some health problems as a puppy. He was born with a heart murmur which was fixed thanks to the cardiology team at Purdue University Teaching Hospital. He and Kanti were also born with cataracts which had to be removed to improve their vision.

In the spring of 2013, the main pack was divided into two smaller packs. Kanti, Bicho and Fiona were happy to have a pack all to themselves. Kanti emerged as the dominant male and sometimes micro-managed Bicho’s activities. Bicho wasn’t all innocence either. He was often spotted intentionally irritating Kanti into a bad mood when Kanti just wanted to be left alone. Most of the time, the brothers appreciate one another’s company. They sought each other out for comfort when frightened, pressed their hips together when nervous and jointly pestered their sister. It is rare to see one without the other in the enclosure.

Bicho is currently the tallest wolf in the park. He weighs 110lbs and can rise over six feet on his hind legs. He is very skilled at grasping and pulling with his toes, a skill he uses to pull people’s hands where he wants them to scratch. He is shyer than his siblings but willing to greet new people, especially if he has Kanti to assure him the humans are safe and friendly.