April 18, 2005

Wotan was born to Erin and Chetan and was everyone’s favorite pup of the litter. While the other pups would be squirming around chewing on visitors, Wotan would be sitting at someone’s feet, gazing affectionately up at them and gently requesting love and attention.

Although some people find it hard to tell Wotan and his brother apart, the best place to look is at their eyes. Wolfgang has little white “eyebrows” above each eye while Wotan has a much lighter, plain colored face.

After being added to the pack, Wotan grew to be one of the largest wolves in the enclosure. He and his brother were great friends who ganged up on their older brothers in order to achieve higher ranks in the pack. They eventually drove the dominant male from the pack. Wolfgang took over as the new alpha. Wotan wasn’t always willing to accept that, so there was sometimes grumping between the brothers.

In 2013, the main pack was split to ease tension among the wolves. Within a few years, Wotan and Wolfgang were living together in quiet ‘retirement’ away from the busy youngsters of the big pack. They got along much better without pestering youngsters.

In 2016, Wotan received a girlfriend in the form of young Timber. She thought he was very cute. He found her exhausting, but he still liked her. The staff hoped she and he would father a litter of puppies and continue the Wolf Park line of wolves.

Wotan continues to be a wonderful sponsor wolf, giving out kisses quite freely. He is always agreeable to making new friends and posing for photographs.