April 12, 2004

Renki and his three siblings were born at Wolf Park in 2004. Renki was named after Irenaus ‘Renki’ Eibl-Eibesfeldt, a well-known German ethologist. He was an easy wolf to identify in the pack due to the crooked, black line that runs down his nose.

In the pack, Renki became known for testing boundaries, both with wolves and humans. He rose to be the #2 ranking male, only to be deposed within a year by his younger brothers, Wotan and Wolfgang.

After his drop in rank, a kinder, gentler Renki emerged who was much friendlier toward people. Renki had had a tendency to be annoying with new visitors, now he was very agreeable to “playing nice”. To help Renki interact with visitors without becoming over stimulated, the staff taught him to use the teeter-totter. While bouncing on the board, Renki could be around people and earn treats, without seeing if sponsors enjoyed being jumped on.

Renki was removed from the main pack in October 2009 when increased harassment made it clear he was no longer happy. He moved in with his father and sister, and later began trading off living with his sisters, Ayla and Kailani after the passing of their father.

In July 2016, Renki was diagnosed with bone cancer. To halt the spread, his front leg was amputated. Renki recovered from the operation and quickly adjusted to life on three legs. He is living alone for the time being but has frequent visits with Ayla and Timber.