Niko came to Wolf Park in 2017 from Wolf Mountain along with his sister, Khewa. They joined the pups born at Wolf Park that year to form a puppy pack of five. Niko is the only black colored pup in the group and easy for visitors to identify.

Niko loves playing with objects. His favorite toy in the nursery was a stuffed duck, earning him the nickname, ‘Niko-Beako’. Now that he’s older, he still likes finding sticks, bones, boxes and other things to carry around or shred. He is the most easily startled of the puppies. The staff has had to work hard to overcome his uncertainty of various objects, situations and people.

Niko enjoys training, following people around, playing with his sister, and reminding Aspen that he’s bigger than him now. As a pup, Niko was prone to getting angry easily if upset, but he’s worked on his temper, and is much better about wrestling with his siblings without becoming irritable.